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Precision marketing and product development are critical to a brand’s success in China. Consumers are overwhelmed by the countless brands pushing similar products through stale advertising campaigns. Tier 1 cities are saturated; lower tiers are an enigma. The fact is, in such a massive, complex, dynamic country like China, our ideas cannot just be mediocre; they need to be memorable and remarkable.

The key to developing memorable and remarkable ideas is to test them on consumers to not only understand What works best, but also Why and How to make it better. Researchers have an entire toolbox of ways to do this. Surveys can garner quick results, but fail to deliver on the Why and How. Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews work great in capturing emotional responses and deep, actionable insight, but they can be time-consuming and costly, especially when trying to scale. We also may come across roadblocks in our research, such as time constraints and budget cuts, that are all too common in our work. Yet, we still need actionable insight to move forward.

This is where ThinkConsumer can help. ThinkConsumer was born from this need for fast, scalable consumer feedback on marketing and product development ideas. The core team – Beibei, Steve, Vincent, and Sean – have each spent nearly a decade living and working in China. Beibei and Steve are researchers and consultants. Vincent and Sean are serial entrepreneurs. ThinkConsumer is the culmination of their combined passions: China, research, and entrepreneurial endeavors. At ThinkConsumer, we put our clients' needs at the core of product development and ideation, which is only achievable through close, ongoing collaboration. We believe that innovative technology is the future of research, and we practice continuous incremental improvement to push the boundaries of industry norms. As a rule of thumb, all of our products have a similar framework: leveraging technology to deliver a unique, comfortable user experience that yields actionable insights, faster, and for a better value to our clients.

Meet our Team

Beibei Parker

Beibei is a consumer researcher and marketing strategist who has worked at China's first youth insights firm, enoVate, as a Research Analyst, and Ogilvy & Mather Greater China Region as a Consumer Insight Director. Beibei has over 8 years’ experiences in research design, moderation and reporting. Brands that Beibei has worked with include Lynx, The North Face, Claire's, Oreo, New Balance, Puma, Cartier, Panerai, Jaeger Lecoultre, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang, McDonald's, BMW, Horizon Hobby, Eagle Ottawa,  Coca-Cola, Huggies, and Nestle.

Steven Parker

Steve is a management consultant-turned-brand strategist who has worked with companies like Pfizer, Ann Taylor, Logitech, DIRECTV, UnitedHealthcare, MoneyGram, Lee Kum Kee, and Nongshim on developing China market strategies and better connecting with Chinese consumers. Prior to ThinkConsumer, Steve was a strategic planner at a multicultural ad agency and an engagement manager at a boutique, China-focused strategy consulting firm. He has lived in China for more than 7 years and speaks Chinese.

Vincent Pueraro

Vincent is an entrepreneur that has been building and operating businesses in China since 2010. He has extensive experience with China-focused customer acquisition strategies, product distribution tactics and on-the-ground operations. Vincent draws on experience from a variety of China industries including F&B, consumer Internet, education and B2B working with such brands as Duvel and Anker.

Sean Freund

Sean is an entrepreneur with years of experience managing business operations in and out of China, and directly with the Chinese government. He has extensive project management experience, including working with over 30 Country Directors and 500 teachers to build and deploy training systems for a Harvard University Center for International Development program. Sean is an MBA candidate at Central South University and has an intimate grasp of the mechanics of Chinese enterprises.

Brian Freund

Brian Freund brings years of Sales and Customer Service experience with him to ThinkConsumer. He has helped startups—including Gilt Groupe and Freshpair—to coordinate customer happiness and community management systems as they grow and reinvent themselves. He also has experience as a Sales and Case Manager at the United States' largest union-specific insurance firm. Brian knows how to manage and evaluate the customer experience from front to end.

Terrence Mutizwa

A technology enthusiast who enjoys solving real world problems that impact a lot of people, through the use of various Internet-based tools and technologies. He has more than 8 years experience developing web-based solutions, including the largest and most popular online classifieds platform in Zimbabwe, classifieds.co.zw; live streaming Android app for radio station, StarFM; and a variety of other media, eCommerce, education, and web hosting solutions. 

Leo Qin

A top graduate of Hunan University, Leo has handled projects for major international businesses from USA, Canada, and Germany, in China including Ashley Bridget and Zoomlion. After having lived in America, Leo has a deep understanding of both the West and China, and is adept at communicating concepts cross-culture. A great communicator and operator, Leo handles both for our team.

Christophe Blythe

Christophe studied Graphic Design at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada and is, primarily, a Web Designer.

He’s a techie and tinkerer at heart, and a jack-of-all-trades who is particularly interested in the open source community, cyber security, and privacy.

He’s also very into self-improvement and believes that everyone should do what’s best for themselves in order to ensure a healthy life.
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